The Crosiers … and the Cross

Index of the series

Below the index and previews of the series of 26 brochures by Crosier and historian dr. Roger Janssen about history and spirituality of the Order of the Holy Cross.

These brochures are available on our page Publications.

  1. Identical missions resulted in different structures of fraternal economy for the Brethren of the Holy Cross and the Crosiers, 1248-1840 (24 p., preview)
  2. Crosier spirituality between the First and Second Vatican Council (28 p., preview)
  3. Elements of Fraternal Economy in the Order of the Holy Cross at the beginning of the 20th century (48 p., preview)
  4. The devotion of the Passion on the Cross was the leading motive of the Brethren of the Holy Cross during the years 1210 till 1410 (24 p., preview)
  5. In the 15th century, the brethren of the holy cross geared themselves to a sacramental-ascetical religious life (28 p., preview)
  6. Under the pressure of Protestantism the Crosiers developed parish pastoral care in the sixteenth century (28 p., preview)
  7. 17th Century Crosiers envisioned a balance of contemplation and action (32 p., preview)
  8. General Chapters and changes in the Constitutions of the Order of the Holy Cross, 1248-1840 (28 p., preview)
  9. General Chapters and changes of Constitutions in the Order of the Holy Cross, 1840-1946 (28 p., preview)
  10. A choice for adapted, contemporary constitutions in 1967 (24 p., preview)
  11. Constitutions and General Chapters in the Order of the Holy Cross, 1970-2015 (24 p., preview)
  12. Crosier religious life in the 18th century, marked by its spiritual poverty (28 p., preview)
  13. Spirituality and mission: spirituality of the Cross and Crosier spirituality, 1982-1988 (28 p., preview)
  14. A significant farewell speech of Master General William van Hees, OSC; September 1981 (28 p., preview)
  15. The Crosiers in Brazil from 1934 till 1954 (32 p., preview)
  16. Uden and St. Agatha over the years 1840-1847: a confluence of two different visions of fraternal economy (28 p., preview)
  17. Progressing insight regarding unity and diversity in the Order of the Holy Cross during the general chapters of 1946 and 1949 (32 p., preview)
  18. Fraternal economy in the Order of the Holy Cross in the 2nd half of the 18th century (24 p., preview)
  19. Six hundred fifty years Crosier religious life in monastery Sint Agatha (1371-2021) (36 p., preview, also available in Dutch)
  20. Capitulum Intermedium Maius, May 1952 (28 p., preview)
  21. Preparation in 1954 and 1955 for the 1955 General Chapter (32 p., preview)
  22. The General Chapter of 1955 decided to establish Provinces in the Order of the Holy Cross (28 p., preview)
  23. Dutch Crosier-Missionaries in Java, 1927-1946 (36 p., preview)
  24. The Crosiers missionized in Java, 1946-1962 (32 p., preview)
  25. The Pro-province of the Order of the Holy Cross in Java, 1962-1977 (32 p., preview)
  26. The Order of the Holy Cross and its overseas missions in the 19th century (30 p., preview)